Error updating locale 7941

Just understand that you will probably experience quite a bit of frustration getting the 7975 to work properly, but with enough persistence it actually is possible.

This article explains how to reset your Cisco 7945, 79 IP phone to factory defaults, and how to upgrade the firmware to the latest available version.

Upgrading your Cisco IP phone firmware is a very simple process.Special consideration must be taken into account when upgrading to the latest firmware.If the Cisco Unified IP phone is currently running firmware earlier than 6.0(2) on and you want to upgrade to 8.x(x), you must first install an intervening 7.0(x) load to prevent upgrade failure.This is done by adding the following commands to the router’s configuration: We also need to ensure there is a valid DHCP server running with option 150 set to CME’s IP address. When the IP phone boots up, it will look for a DHCP server that will provide it with an IP address, but also expect to find DHCP option 150 which designates the CME the phone should try to register with: The above configuration excludes IP address ranges to from being handed out by the DHCP server.It also creates a DHCP scope named and configures various self-explanatory parameters including the critical DHCP option 150, which represents the CME the IP phone should try to register to.

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