Drew dating degrassi

She closed the locker and saw Imogen rubbing all over Eli's torso. She hated how he was so happy without her and she was still stuck on him. She looked up with teary eyes to see that it was Adam's brother, Drew.

She turned on her heels, walking away from the scene. It wasn't a passionate kiss, it was more of a hungry kiss. Clare and Drew had barely talked since that didn't have the same social circle.

He hated seeing women cry, especially if they were beautiful. "Clare nodded her head, her straight her falling in her face. Eli was always being an ass towards him and making snide comments.

Drew led Clare to the boiler room and looked around, making sure no one was following them. Her eyes were wide and tears were still falling down her cheeks. Drew walks over towards her and wraps his arms around her. He once told Drew that he was just "some dumb jock who doesn't know shit". Her back fell against the wall and she wrapped one leg around Drew's waist.

She walked in and seen the usual; kids were talking, getting stuff out there locker, playing around, or making out with someone. Her heart dropped when she saw the sight in front of her.

Eli had Imogen up against locker, making out with her.

She waited for her mother to unlock the car so she can get in. Clare sat quietly, listen to the jazz music fill the silent car.

While reading a few stories from a writer called 'Halawen', I decided to come up with a Clew story. If Eli wasn't on Degrassi, I would probably want to see them together. After what seems like hours of deciding, Clare finally decides to wear a knee-length floral skirt with a white camisole and a white cardigan.

They are close friends, but he still did cheat on Ali with her. She walks away from the foggy mirror and goes towards the door, twisting the knob and leaving out of the bathroom.

Feeling satisfied, she walks back over towards her bed and slips on her clothes."Clare, I have to get to work soon. She hurriedly runs to her dresser and grabs her lip gloss, applying a little on her lips before grabbing her backpack and heading out of her room. We need to leave, now."Clare sighed and nodded her head.

Come on and eat breakfast so I can get you to work," her mother calls out."Okay, I'm almost ready! She runs down the steps and into the kitchen."Morning, mom," she says, taking a seat at the table."Good morning, sweetie. She grabbed her breakfast sandwich and swung her bag over her shoulder.

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