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One tabloid magazine in particular got more than they bargained for after Phil and Robin filed a suit against them for 0 million. Phil and his wife know they have a strong and healthy marriage, one magazine constantly published stories saying that this is not the case.

In 2016, the couple decided to sue the National Enquirer after they had enough of the rumors and false stories that the magazine was publishing.

She’s not going to forget about our relationship.’” Robin is not only a doting mother and wife but is in addition, a successful business person.

Robin does not, however, get overwhelmed by the many things on her plate, but rather she tries to balance her priorities to the best of her abilities. I’ll do it.” Robin had noted that it is vital for a good wife to not neglect her husband in place of other things.

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Since then, Robin has sat in the audience of every Dr.Thankfully, living in Hollywood and being famous has not stopped the couple from knowing how to have a good time. It may come as a surprise to many that Robin was not in fact Dr. The guy that gives on-screen advice had to deal with his own life problems throughout his first marriage. After his divorce from Debbie, he started dating Robin Jameson. Phil show know that Robin loves her children and grandchildren more than anything and believes that family is extremely important. Jay’s wedding to Erica Dahn, who is a triplet and former Playboy Playmate, took place in their family home in California. Phil sees himself as the head of his family, Robin just loves spending time with her family and surprising her husband who loves taking charge. Phil and is sometimes featured on the show and adds her commentary and opinions. Phil and taking a more backstage role in the relationship, Dr. As midnight rolled around the night before their anniversary, Robin blurted out to Phil– “It’s twelve o’clock, I have something I need to show you! Phil his Facebook page and played the video on the page she had been filming and planning long before their anniversary.After three years, they exchanged vows and in 1979 Robin got pregnant with the couple’s first born son, Jay. As we mentioned earlier in the article, Robin sits in the audience of every one of the Dr. Phil knew it was finally Robin’s turn to get her own surprise and be from and center stage. She caught her husband completely off-guard with her surprise!She chose not to feel bad for herself and her troubled childhood, but rather to use her father’s bad choices as a life lesson of what not to do. She said the struggles, “taught me compassion and how to have a more accepting and loving spirit.” This is the attitude that allows her to maintain a healthy relationship with her husband. Phil she follows two rules that she claims keep her marriage to Dr. Many onlookers may say that her rules seem unreasonable but one could say they that have worked pretty well for over 40 years. Phil fans wanted to know Robin’s secrets for a healthy relationship and she revealed her rules and how her and Dr.Phil keep the spark of their relationship alive after many decades together.

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