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I’m reminded of the conclusion to when these ideas are brought up.

The viewer spends so much of the movie with one character hoping she’ll kick some ass and pull through, but these images ruin the experience by making the viewer focus on the futility of a hidden message, rather than the straightforward story of a girl’s fight with a deranged killer. I’m still not sure I understand the ending, and it’s disappointing there’s no commentary on the DVD to explain what the director’s intentions were.

Dispersed throughout the movie are emblematic images of Nicole’s fight with inner demons.

This includes scenes of Nicole talking about her internal battle with herself, as well as dead victims vanishing into thin air.

I’d be lying to say it wouldn’t be interesting to watch this film on the big screen. Season two of the series stars June Diane Raphael reprising her role as season one contestant Julie Gristlewhite, now the bachelorette given the chance to find the perfect man. Season one showcases fireman Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) as the bachelor looking for love.The unrated DVD’s selling point is the alternate endings, which presents one extra conclusion to the film that’s not featured in the R-rated package.The alternate endings are all better than the final version, mainly because they stick to the gritty roots of a stalk-n-slash horror epic.

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