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In his first act as DA, he and Bruce were to dig the first shovelful of dirt in the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary.

Five years later, Harvey started dating Pamela Isley.

Fortunately, Batman extracted a cure from Ivy and had it administered to Harvey.

Unknown to everyone else in Gotham City, Dent suffered from deep-seated psychological trauma resulting from years of repressing anger.

He was later discovered to have been poisoned by Isley, alias Poison Ivy.

She had marked Harvey as a "murderer" for his part in arranging the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary.

As soon as Bruce arrived (late as usual), Isley planted a kiss in Harvey's lips and left.

Moments later, as he told Bruce of his proposal, Harvey fell unconscious.

Every decision Two-Face makes falls on the flip of his coin. When the "Good Heads" turns up, Harvey is in control.As a child, another personality was created inside Harvey, who would come to be called Big Bad Harv.Big Bad Harv would sometimes show himself whenever Harvey were to become incredibly angry, causing him to seek therapy.This traumatic incident brought Harvey's psychotic personality to the surface, and Gotham's District Attorney became the notorious kingpin known as Two-Face.Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City, as well as a child friend of millionaire Bruce Wayne, secretly the hero Batman.

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