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When searching for matches, the company takes into account signals like your location, shared page likes, similarities between your Facebook profiles, and mutual friends.

When browsing, you’ll see a selection of people you can “express interest” in by tapping a photo or an answer to a question prompt.

Only your first name and age are carried over from your Facebook profile, giving you some measure of privacy.

When you create your dating profile, you’re asked to write a short introduction to your profile that describes who you are and what you’re seeking.

Your messages are limited to text and emoji; there are no photos or videos in Facebook Dating messages.

To accomplish this, Dating uses its own messaging interface, not Facebook Messenger.

The question is whether it becomes popular with the young, photogenic audience that features in all of Facebook’s promotional product photography, or the larger, older Facebook audience that might never have tried online dating at all.

Unlike apps like Tinder, which require you to match before chatting, you can send a message to anyone.

If they respond, a new chat thread will open in a separate part of the Dating feature.

The photos can come from your camera roll, Facebook uploads, or Instagram photos that you’ve cross-posted to Facebook. ) Unlike some other apps, you won’t be able to change your virtual location to browse for matches elsewhere.

As an effort to thwart catfishing attempts, you will also have to input your location, which Facebook will verify through your phone’s GPS. Instead, if you’re visiting a new place, you’ll have to verify your location again within Facebook Dating.

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