Dating whitall tatum glass insulators

The Hemingray Glass Company operated between 1848-1972 and was the largest manufacturer of glass insulators in the world.Here's where you'll find photos and information on all Hemingray glass insulators.private issue pieces resemble a tall version of a CD 102.One color per year, over a five year period, starting in 1994.They are embossed on the skirt, No 2 Columbia and L.

Others claim they were a game piece from a board game.

A fairly recent batch of Hemingray CD 154 style miniatures were produced in the last couple of years.

Not easily confused with the real thing, they only stand about an inch tall.

It is likely there was a gradual changeover on bottle and jar molds starting around 1938, but that transition probably occurred over several years time.

Realizing that a large number of molds were in use, I would suspect it took a while for all of them to be re-tooled.https:// Insulators Antique & Collectable: Looking for Insulators of glass or pottery have been made for use on telegraph or telephone poles since 1844.

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