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M.、葉蒨文、陳潔麗、陳僖儀 2014 郭富城、張智霖、張敬軒、C All Star、容祖兒、何韻詩、王菀之、泳兒、甄妮、鍾欣潼 2015 許志安、草蜢、許廷鏗、張敬軒、陳偉霆、G. Tang graduated from the Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College and the Department of Fashion Design at IVE.“You talk about things with people that are going through the same thing,” she said. Here, you’re with people that have gone through it, too. I still don’t feel like a whole person, but I’m a lot better off with Stephy’s Place because I know I have support.” Stephy’s Place, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, was founded in 2015 by a group of women hoping to give those going through grief and loss a place to go.

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Stephy has become the first female artist (in Hong Kong) to have had H1N1/swine flu (she had previously attended a charity event for the Taiwan flood), causing a rush of fear that the disease might spread. In December 2009, Stephy released her collection of "Greatest Hits" plus "New Songs" songs in a 2CD DVD Collection called 'Music Cafe' which includes four new songs, including 陪著我走 (Running alongside me) which served as the same name as her novel.

In seeing Kaminoff’s family rallying around her, Martello recalled dealing with the loss of her husband.

That group of women, all of whom had lost a spouse or a child on 9/11, met every Tuesday morning for three years, and kept in touch even after they no longer needed to meet weekly. We wanted people to have peer support for milestones and anniversaries.” Three years later, Stephy’s Place hosts 27 separate groups – and more than 200 individuals – in weekly morning or evening sessions.

At first, Agresto said, she didn’t say much during the sessions, preferring to let others do the talking.

But more than a year after she began to attend those free weekly sessions, Agresto describes the center and the people in her group as an essential part of her life.

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