Dating spear jackson saws updating 360 without live

Taking stock of the overall qualities of these dead ugly looking saws may well lead to a fine saw that will serve you for a lifetime.

And for what it's worth, the plungers & the anvils on the 4 or 5 saw-sets I've used (nearly all Eclipse 77s or their clones) are relatively soft - you can easily file them.

I fixed up a couple of Spear and Jackson saws from the 60’s this week and finished them off today.

You can buy these on e Bay for around £25 (sometimes less) and at first glance you may discard the option to buy.

At first I wondered who, on breaking several teeth in over-setting them, would continue on bloody-minded to the end ... Improved Temper, mirror polish, carved hardwood handle. The blade is made from a secret alloy of Vanadium Steel, of great toughness, and will work longer than any other saw without sharpening being at the same time more difficult to buckle in use.

before I thought that it might have been done by machine and the mess made all in one go. ) I had not noted the gullet-origination of the cracks ... They will usually cut through nails or other hard materials in wood without damage, but are not guaranteed in this respect."Also ... Leach tool-list: "Uncommon Preston saw set; a most unusual design, with folding arms on which 9" of the blade is supported; the plunger action is activated with a hammer" at this again now - the hammer setter - I can see how it would be used ... I am in the very background thinking of schemes for sharpening and setting where I can sit in one place and have the work travel in front of me.

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