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I did build up a lot of debts, due to my visits to Djerba and the fact that I supported him.

He was in his chair in front of the television all day, at night he was occupied with the computer.

When it comes to our wedding presents (in Tunisia that means money) I never saw one dinar.

Our wedding night was one big disappointment, as I was changing in the bathroom, he fell asleep.

It was a dream full of love, affection, full of anything a woman can wish for. Nice, sweet people, that accepted me as if I’d always been one of them.

I would enclose them in my heart, love them, for the future, as well.

I was so upset, that I just simply said to him: “Why don’t you come to Belgium?

If you come down from your cloud, a long time after everything happened, you realize how parts need to be fit together.

At the moment itself, you still believe everything is normal, I even tried to find excuses for the fact he fell asleep.

After different interrogations and loads of letters to the prosecutor and immigration, my husband came to Belgium in November 2007. I bought him clothes, I fed him, gave him money every day for his cigarettes and to drink coffee with his Tunisian friend, whom he found very fast in Belgium.

All came from Djerba, were married with women, that were older then they were, some time a lot older.

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