Dating sites like okcupid

There are so many options in the big sea of online dating that most of us simply can’t invest the time and effort to really try all of the available services and find the right one for us.The purpose of this review is to help you decide which kind of dating service is the right fit for you: Classic sites like, or Ok Cupid, where you can see and write to all other members (supposedly, more on that later), or more modern and allegedly superficial swipe based dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.Once your Profile is all set up for success, you can get to swipin’.As opposed to Ok Cupid, you can’t send messages to just anyone; You have to match with them first.While reviewing these opposing philosophies, we will mainly compare Ok Cupid to Tinder, as the champions of their respective camp.They are also both free to use (really, including messaging members), with some premium quality of life features.Though I would (and will later) argue that this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does mean the app attracts different users in general than Ok Cupid does.

Tinder chats tend to be more agile and along the lines of texting rather than writing emails.

Well first off, you can find all kinds of people on both services of course.

That being said, people looking for relationships and taking dating more seriously, as well as people enjoying personality quizzes, graphs, and data, i.e.

You’ll also have to cope with shorter attention spans, as chats that don’t lead to asking for a number or date within a few days tend to fizzle out in favor of a more interesting conversation.

Note that Ok Cupid has been shifting from website to app rather heavily in recent years, and has become more similar to Tinder in that they also offer swiping and matching mechanics now, with the difference that this is not necessary to contact people and seems to have virtually no effect on the likelihood of them responding.

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