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I have driven through communities in Dallas that have a pretty large number of blacks and there are literally no black businesses or you may find one.. Unlike Chicago, Atlanta, New York, there is not a strong cultural movement in Dallas to create black businesses. Well, simply because brothers here in Dallas all have a major case of "Jungle Fever". There is so much self hate here it is unbelievable. It was created by old, ultra conservative, white folks so yeah.. Without doubt, the most boring place on earth, and I have travelled extensively, is Dallas, TX. The doctor informed me I need two arm braces because I was suffering from carpal tunnel and she sold me two at .00 a piece. So if you are without funds you are assed out of luck. But if I ever leave, I will damn sure leave being one. She was over white women and they just refused to submit to her authority. We had a policy where we could not leave until all the work was completed or else we would be terminated.

Not sure why.* The lack of black cohesiveness in Dallas has led to a lackluster existence in so many ways. I have never seen black men chase the fat, white (and hispanic) women like these guys do here in Dallas. And this is why there has never been a strong black cultural movement out of Dallas. They have taken suburbia to its ultimate extreme and like American cheese, have pasteurised and sanitized it to such an extent that it is bland, boring, disappointing and almost intolerable. Yet I was walking through walmart two days later and found a pair that were only dollars for both of them. I have not seen anywhere in all of my 30 years white folks get away with pulling the truly evil, dirty shit they pull on blacks here. The vast majority of AA's in Dallas end up constantly fired and rehired. She was eventually transferred as they all conspired to set her up. Time and time again my white coworker would get angry and suddenly leave without ever asking permission.

They LIE) and the overwhelming number of black minorities here working in low wage jobs or government positions that don't pay what their private industry counterparts pay, their is a wealth imbalance that is apparent.

Blacks have ceded a lot of territory not just to Caucasians but other races when it comes to building personal wealth. When I first moved to Dallas, I noticed immediately how segregated much of the City was.

It has FOUR cities on the Best Economies list of the Top 10 places to find work. * Although Dallas has many Fortune 500 Companies that call this City home and many smaller, private employers as well, it has been my observation that many of these companies have a high reliance on temporary or contract work.

They also consistently flip their workforces for some reason.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to move into areas that are even moderately middle income or upper lower income (with it being taken as understood higher income areas are included in this) you will find that you will mostly be residing around everyone BUT black Americans.

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I relocated to Dallas from another state that was hit hard by the great recession.I have seen and heard many first hand accounts of companies routinely terminating large portions of their staffs only to quickly refill the positions two to three times a year.* Texas has a large number of Employers that I find engage in very dubious, underhanded behavior in regards to their workforce.As I've always enjoyed reading blogs from my fellow black women bloggers out there I have decided to finally write one of my own about living in the City of Dallas, TX. As a single woman, I had no other source of financial help. So in a nutshell here are my likes and dislikes, as well as my suggestions and warnings to my fellow black sistas looking to call this city home. So you have a much better chance of finding employment here and anywhere in the State of Texas.This is just an opinionated entry about my likes and dislikes as well as suggestions to black women, especially the single sistas, looking to call the City of Dallas home. As a woman with no kids, I was also not inclined to stay where I was. Side note: Texas leads the country for the creation of jobs.

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