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I got a call like this about a year ago too - someone else's name.Strange call- Stayed on the line, and the person on the other end said they were in Houston, Texas- Appeared to be a collection call, but he was not forthcoming with any information- He said they had called a wrong number and that it would be removedalso a resident of canada, ontario- i get calls at my office from this number several times a day- it never leaves messages or says anything on the rare occasions i pick up- i also get several calls a day from other american phone numbers, sometimes offering me a vacation deal or what have you, but mostly just leaving dead air- some other numbers include:, BE WARNEDFrom this phone I received a call indicating I won a trip- They identified themselves being from AMEX-They were requesting validation in Personal Identifiable Information- I am convince it is an identity theft scam Got a call Sunday not at almost pm - Some guy telling me I had unpaid parking tickets from and- I asked who it was and he said I have to take care of them so I laughed and told him he had the wrong number and I hung up , Bayonne nj number which was weird cuz I was in the passenger seat and I noticed we were in that area on the highway coming back from the jersey gardens mall , Coincidence and creepy"John" w heavy accent, poor English called from "American Financial" selling debt settlement program- Very unlikely he actually lives in the Seattle area- Does anyone know which lead source uses the name "American Financial?"- His response "buy a warranty from us"- When I told him I don't have the car anymore that shut him up- What's scary is they called my wife's cell about my car- How did they get her # since it's not on any paperwork?I don't know if someone in my house filled out any surveys or what but they called times within a half an hour- I finally picked up and answered with "This call is being recorded for quality control purposes-" They hung up and haven't called back yet- We'll see how long it lasts Would really like to know if this is a legitimate company or what the deal is- This woman is extremely rude- And when you call the number, they answer Hello or How can I help you- If you are truly a legit company should you not answer that way Unsolicited phonecall trying to convince me that his company has "received signals" that my computer is being attacked- Presumably he wants me to pay him to do something that Norton is already doing perfectly well- I asked for his number and this is what he told me- Indian or Pakistan accent- I didn't try to call him back I'm pretty sure this a scam caller spoofing numbers- I was working on school papers and it was past midnight and my phone rang- It was a area code (in Arizona) and I did not pick it up- A minute later I got a call from this number- I looked it up and it does not exist, as in it is not a phone number registered to any person Found the scumbags Suite , Yonge Street Toronto ON, MB EPhone #: , Fax #: , Key contact: John Tejlley , President, Operation Manager (Call this little and jamb your fist up his for the little guy)Toll free #: , Approximately employees work at this location They will ask you to use pay pay or money order and pay for delivery or pick up person in advance but they will tell you they will add this to your payment request on Pay Pal- Truth is they WANT YOU TO PAY THEM MONEY somehow upfront and they will reimburse through pay pal- All they do is pay it and then it takes a few days to show up that they cancel their payment after you pay for shipping or delivery costs- Clever right the thing is they never come for the item they never looked at- They take your money,and say audi osh This message is definitely from Google- My brother is a Representative for Yellow Book and we have a web site with Yellow Book which also ties us into Bing, Yahoo and Google, etc- He has said that Google DOES NOT call you- Ignore or hang up on these type of calls- They are now even calling our cellular lines besides land lines In spanish someone from text wrote to my work cell phone:"Estamos tratando de comunicarnos con el familiar de este muchacho que esta herido llamamos y nos sale la grabadora el iva manejando y cuando vira"I called and ask for the name of the victim and a Men respond me that he was unconscious; I asked if he had call to the police and he respond to me that he can not because "there was involved the drug trafficker"Don't bother picking up the phone if you see this number , But if you do just ask for FAKE @ss DEA Peter Morgans badge number and he will hang up- Just do me a favor and tell him Stacy said hi first:) I called so many times and harassed him so bad he finaly told me to go email myself- I was home from work today with nothing to do, so I kept calling the # number back from several different cell phone #'s- I got a kick out of all the fake voices he used ( the female voice was the FUNNIEST) PLEASE DONT FALL FOR HIS SCAM I called the real DEA in DC and they confirmed it is a SCAM THERE IS NO SPECIAL AGENT PETER MORGAN- (The real DC DEA # is ,)- But please don't forget to tell Special Agent P- Morgan Stacy said hello first:)Mr- King said the matter was urgent, but did not say what it was in regards to- He said to call him back at an #, which I'm not doing- If it's so important he would have indicated what it was in regards to Had more than calls in one day- When I ansered they said they were shipping my order for some pills- I let them know right away I did not order them and they needed to cancel any thing they were trying to ship to me-They even told me my credit card had already been billd -I told them I would call my credit card company and have it removed-There was no charge on the card they were fishing-Probably the next question they would ask would be to verify my credit card number- NO WAYReceived unwanted phone calls from this number Sept Oct - Got curious after the rd one and called back- Lady answering with "Hello" said that one of my "friends" had probably given her my number to talk about "vacation options"- (I don't think so) Asked her to take me off her list Scammers located in NJ (or NY) now utilizing Texas telephone number (,)- This group surfaces routinely and wants access to your personal data including that within your computer- It alleges you have a computer problem and will fix it- Stay away from this group and do not return the call I am not on Craigslist, but wanted to help and tell you what would happen if you had agreed to have them buy your item- Once all the shipping arrangements had been made, they would send you a check for far to much than they owe, and you would have to send the money you owed- It also gets even worse when you try to cash the check, and are told that it is a bad check- So, really all this time, the scammers were the only ones receiving the money- I could be wrong, but I think these scammers have special computers that send these messages out to a ton of people- I am positive many others will receive this spam message in a short amount of time- It is simply best to ignore these-Thank you for allowing me to post, Floyd fan Received two voicemails today from this number stating they were the IRS and were going to sue me- I don't owe any taxes and the IRS NEVER calls- They notify people via regular US mail- So these are scammers trying to steal you rmoney- BEWARE Don't believe them These people called and tried to scam me saying if I don't respond by noon I will get thrown in jail, This is the second time they have called and the first time I called them out on their scamming and then they just called a month later saying the same sh- They can't even keep their lies in order- It is pathetic- By the way, they say if you don't pay you get thrown in jail- No bill collectors have the authority to do that or we would all be in jail, What a disgrace to America these people are- They are going to get ahold of the wrong person one day Numerous calls looking for erick keller- I have had this number for a long time and I am tired of being called- They do not leave messages- They say they will take your number out of the system but they do not- Also listed as and very rude as a business and will not give any info when you question them- One more call and I am reported them I keep getting a call from this number about once everyday- The guy has a middle eastern voice and always leaves a message saying that I have a lawsuit filed against me in the state of California and that my lawyer needs to call him back Just another call from them - my fourth this evening- Called the number back and got a recording for an option to be placed on a "do not call" list (i-e- "push to be placed on the do not call list") so we'll see if it works, What a pain I got a call from Ms- Watson on Friday while at a wedding so it went to voice mail and she left a message saying there was a legal complaint against me- She said she was with the Federal State Bureau of New Jersey and I needed to call her back right away to avoid being arrested- I called back because I was confused the first time it went to voice mail the second time I called back a guy answered and I asked for ex- she came on the phone and wanted me to verifiy my information- I told her that I would not give any information she called me- She started to get upset and said that I took out a payday loan didnt pay it back so they were charging me with like four different charges, when I still wouldn't give out my information or settle with her she said that the Anoka County Sheriff would arrest me on Monday- I said I didn't do anything wrong so I will take my chances- Today I called the police department and made a report about the call Received a call from this number: , They are calling about a donation request to Special Olympics - they refer to it as a 'Community Project' when asked and when I asked what the project was, they said it was for Special Olympics- Hope this helps Started by saying that they lowered the rate on their insurance and wanted to know what kind of business we are- He did say his name, but I forgot his name because has to blurt out that we don't take sales calls This number belongs to a slumlord named Jeremy Thorson who lives in Peru, Illinois- DO NOT ever rent from him He never fixes his properties and lets them all fall apart- I feel sorry for any of this scumbag's tenants- They honestly pay their rent while their homes fall down around them- This guy shouldn't be allowed to rent out any property People like this make me sick and there are many of them around, unfortunatelywe get about calls at least days a week,each time regardless of whether we say our greeting or not, the caller just hangs up after about seconds- called the # back and the greeting on the other end thanks you for calling the "customer communication center"They just called me about a half hour ago- I was on a long distance call but have Caller ID- So when I got off the phone I googled them and saw all these folks are getting the same calls- I did have someone call me about a month ago asking if anyone in my family had surgery recently- Just said No and hung up- Going to block the # now Caller first wanted to "verify employment", then said they could not use e-mail to contact our company, but had to verify employment verbally- (which is against most companies' policies, due to problems with identity theft and stalking) This is either a scammer or a collections agencyyes i got spam from this company they had a add on tv and i called and gave them promission to withdraw - out of my bank account i received the modification paper sent them to my auto company at first they wouldnt send me a respond i called the number back for the % refund the lady told me that i needed that letter from the company i sent the auto loan company their letter and a letter fro myself stating why i needed the a respond from them i got my letter and tried to call the refund office back so i could send all the right paer bac all of the number i called aint in bussiness any more i really though this wasnt a scam becase it was on tv please help the company is trying to repo my truck The caller stated that he was with the Golden Nugget Casino in Vegas, even though I could hear a bunch of screaming kids running around in the background- Must have been bring your Jamaican kids to work day at the Casino- The caller was trying to get my debit card info This person called me five times in a row today and hung up without leaving a message- I called him back and left a message on his voice mail to quit harassing me or I would file a complaint against him Time Warner Business- If you receive a call from this number, it's because you are currently doing business with them , or your number was given to them for scheduling an install-When submitting a number to notes-com they should add the option "Business" or "Legitimate Call" to the Call Type field, since this number is *not* a solicitor or bill collector or any other type of annoying caller Got a call from David at this number also, Just for all you guys I had a little fun with this- I knew this was a scam, so I played along, ( I work for a bank in fraud protection credit cards) I was told i I owed - I was told that i needed to pay this today, to avoid charges- When I offered to pay, Mr David said they would drop all charges for only - I was asked if there was a CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens- Then I was to buy a Green Dot, Pay Pal, Ebay money Pak card, I was instructed to call him back when i got to CVS, the call was to make sure I purchased the right money card- I played along called him back advised him I was having problems with the -, he asked how much I had, I told him -, He told me they would drop everything, but I had min to call back- I waited min, he called me back ( now th phone call back)He wanted to make sure I was at CVS purchasing the card, I advised him I had, at this time he wanted me to read him the card #'s and scratch off the authorization numbers on the back of the card and read it to him-I then advised him who I worked for and told him I was recording the calls, had all the neccesary information to locate him and advised him he was scamming me- Mr David was very Irrate, began using profanity, called me an idiot and a lot of words I do not want to print here- FYI, This is a SCAM, do not pay attention, they threaten to charge you with felony's, and file lawsuits, and federal charges- It is a violation of the Fair credit collections act, violation of all state regulations for collection activities in my state- They are looking for people who are not savy and trying to scare you into paying- REPORT TO YOUR BANK AND AUTHORITIES The information they have as confidential is information that is public record and freely available- PROTECT YOURSELVES, DONT LET THEM SCREW WITH YOUTried to tell me I won the Publisher's Clearing House, but I had to send - via Western Union to an address he provided; because my package was in storage, as soon as they verified that I had sent the money they would deliver my winnings, , in cash and - million in Certified Cashier's Check- Give me a break LADIES HIS NAME SHOWS UP AS BARRY HOWARD- THIS MAN CALLED DAYS AGO ASKING IF HE COULD C ON MY PRETTY FACE AN SHOVE HIS D IN MY A- I BLOCKED HIM AND I SEE HE KEEPS CALLING- HE SOUNDS DANGEROUS- DON'T BOOK A CALLS WITH HIM- THANK GOD FOR THE CALL APP, SOMEONE ALREADY HAD HIS NAME LOGGED AS BHi, I got a call from this no- they told me to to pay a huge amount- But i refused to do so- Then they abused me alot- Later when I had complained me about them- They apologized me for their abuse- Their more stoies of abuse I have found here www-debtconsolidationcare-com collection-agencies nco-ftc-html Yet another ROBO CALL When you answer, they try to sell you their Special Promotion so Hang On If you call back, they want you to press to be off the list- They even tried to fake the number by having the Caller ID , I am not sure what that number is but if you call it, you get nothing but a voice mail prompt- Seeing a number's caller ID be another number should be a clue that they are not to be calling anyone on the DNC list- SPAM SPAM SPAMThis number called my mother in law and said they were the IRS- They then convinced her she owed them - Wanted her to meet them at the bank parking lot with the cash- Fortunately she called us up for a ride to the bank and we told her it was a scam- I tried calling it back, but it rings once and disconnects- Reported to the IRSJe viens de recevoir moi aussi un appel de , Le type très poli a demandé Mme Marcil, Connais pas s'tie-Ce sont des ruses dans le but de savoir à quelles heures il y a qqun au domicile pour envoyer ou faire appeler des vendeurs etc etc-Je me suis inscrit dernièrement sur la liste d'interdit d'appels d'(*% de télémarketing, mais cela peur prendre jours afin que tout soit réglé, Y sont mieux de pas recommencer après cette date parce que , parce que , Ben heul'sé pas, Mais je vais pas être content- ;o)Liste nationale de numéros de télécommunication exclus: (pour s'inscrire)www-lnnte-dncl-gc-ca insnum-regnum-fra Mange d'la mouskaï, PKP pis toute ta (*&% de gang-À bas la convergence- Boycottons Kaibécorp pis toute leu bebelles Asked if I could hear him; told me "my household" won a million sweepstakes; asked me to verify some information starting with providing my email address so they could send me the info on the million my household won; I asked him what his name was and who did he work for and his reply: "I'm sorry, I don't have that information in front of me-" Then proceeded to tell me I needed to give my email address at which point I hung up on himsomeone keeps calling me from this number I have no clue who it is and they have called almost everyday I usually decline the call but I have actually once accepted it and I heard nothing from the other line This number , also via - shows as to where the call came from Either way DO NOT CALL BACK OR TEXT BACK YOU WILL REGRET DOING IT BECAUSE IT IS A SCAM EITHER ASKING FOR DONATIONS, TO BUY SOMETHING OR GIVE THEM MORE PRIVATE INFOCalled from , and left a message to call , because I "might be missing out on part of my valuable medical benefits"- Nah- I'll pass- If the initial was important enough to leave a message, then a worthy message should have been stated,not pass the call off to another number- I don't do that- Better luck next time- Whatever 'valuable benefit' I'm living without surely I can continue to live without- Phone tag is for idiots and fools,of which I am neither Picked up phone and said "hello", but nobody was there except an open line- I hung up and called back- The automated message was that number was no longer in service- Guess being on the "Do Not Call" service doesn't matter Special Olympics - Said they were not asking for a donation- Just wanted to offer me low price magazines with a portion of the money going to help special olympics- Would not send me information in mail- Wanted me to agree to buying over phone- Kind of fishy if you ask me- Said it would be to expensive to mail me something, and I would have to decide which magazine I wanted over the phone- "Sure," I told him Sent text saying someone I know had been injured in a car accident- When I called back they insisted on having the names of my family members- They provided no information as to the injury accident- When I refused to give a name they told me to "F" off- The person's name was Jamie I applied for a loan online and started to gwt calls from several "lenders"- I was approved for a "loan" from to - The "loan officer" said all I needed to do was present my cash (equal to thw amount of my monthly payment) to a cashier at Walmart Money Center- So I called him when I got to the Money Center and hd says to fill out rhis form and present it along with cash to the cashier- The COMPANY NAMES DID NOT MATCH and the cashier alerted me that this was indeed a scam, He claimed that if I gave the cashier the cash it would be deposited into my account along with loan in minutes- Fishy Called me times within minutes at AM in the morning and said nothing-I was up, and on the CPU anyways, so I looked it up and found that it is a Verizon Cell from Abingdon, VA-I then text them that info, and they text me back "I guess so"?????? This number calls several times a day on my cell phone- When I answer, there is no one there, then it hangs up- If I call it back, I get a message that says this is not a working number- I've called my cell phone provider & all they can do is change my number- This has been going on for yrs- Please help This person was someone online that started texting me for money stating that he was stuck out of the country- I believe this person is a person who is using this number to scam people out of money and I think these people need to be reported They all seem to have some type of problem with a different story each time- ,? My husband called and he hung up- Tried again and it went straight to voice mail I had the same problem so blocked call through phone service- You just need to call your provider and they can block the call from ever getting through to you- Some wireless companies will only block for days at a time, so just go back and block the number again if needed Had a voicemail from "Beth at First Class Bridal on Sunday and I never called back- Then just now I had another missed call voicemail from "Beth" saying that they are holding a bridal package for me and to call back by pm tonight- I didn't remember them from the bridal expo I attended a couple of weeks ago, so I googled the company name and found this website- How do I get them to stop calling??

email I have called the AFL CIO headquarters and even have a friend who is a labor head in the Cincy area and he was not able to help, I have placed it on here and on the RIPOFF report- About ready to the TV stations in the Cincy area- I might just try your suggestion Phone ID was "cleaning service", and yep am sure that these folks were wanting to clean out my bank account- This scam has been around a LONG time, and uses a variety of spoofed numbers- They claim to either clean carpets, ducts, or fireplace flues- In reality, they are connected with a whole number of different scams- Are lowlife criminals This number calls at least times a day, never leaves a message, Caller ID says Wyckoff, NJ-The few times I have answered no ones been there-Some people have mentioned Medco, I have gotten an occasional call from Medco, with a different number and a real messagenumber , is number on my caller ID but message left stating my time has run out for resolution of my debt is a different number , Said I had hours to contact them or "papers" would be filed,scammers, not even creative these days I just received an email from them stating that they have called numerous times to tell me I was approved for a loan- All I have to do is give them - for insurance on the loan then they will send the money- Right Never had an account with Bank of America- No loose debts out there- After not answering one time, they called my sister and harassed her- When she questioned who what they were they said they couldn't provide that information at this time- But they told her I listed her as a reference- Thinking it was someone calling for the job I applied for, she answered all their questions (my dob and address)- No idea how or why they would contact my sister who lives in a different state when I've only missed the call once Byron said he was from Vonage, offered me days free, with a - activation fee-I gave him my online debit card number- Now I found out my home security system won't work with this-I'm cancelling the card Received calls in minutes from this phone number on a Saturday morning, between am and : am, on my cell phone- I let it go to voicemail since I was at work, no message left on any of the calls- The number appears to be a Verizon cell phone number Stop Zwicker & Associates Calls Zwicker & Associates calls can be unnerving- If you want to stop Zwicker & Associates calls, you definitely need to know your rights under the law- Keep in mind that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that a debt collector must identify himself when contacting you - he can't pose as someone else- That doesn't mean, however, that he won't try-A debt collector has a bag of tricks that he uses to try and get consumers to pay- One favorite is to say that he's a lawyer and that he's going to sue you- The thing is that Zwicker & Associates is a law firm- That doesn't mean, however, that a Zwicker & Associates debt collector can claim he's an attorney when he's not- Similarly, if you're getting mail from Zwicker & Associates, remember that it's illegal for a debt collector to send you a document that mimics an official court or governmental document- Many times, debt collectors will send official looking paperwork to scare people into paying a debt - even when that debt is deemed uncollectable- Keep in mind that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act mandates that a collection agency has to be upfront about the actions you can take- So, for example, Zwicker & Associates can mislead you into thinking that you don't need to respond to a document, and then sue you in court for not responding-Zwicker & Associates Contact Information Zwicker & Associates Minuteman Road Andover, MA , Caller: Zwicker & Associates Call Type: Debt Collector This women, Wendy Nicole Myers Cromwell likes to call and text my boyfriend late at night- Her text messages say "can you talk, are you alone or can I call you?

Are you special that someone at Microsoft would speak with you?

" I said 'Excuse me,but who the hell do you think you are talking to?

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