Dating rules of the 1950s

Back then, dances were known as “sock hops” because girls would take off their saddle shoes and dance around in bobby socks – little white socks that were folded down on top.Nowadays, some girls still take off their shoes at the prom.In the fifties, they’d go to a malt shop, pizza parlor, bowling alley, or drive-in movie theater.Today, indoor movie theaters may be more popular than drive-ins, but the same principle remains.They either had to talk in person or call their date’s home phone, risking the awkwardness of a parent answering.The actual act of going on a date has not changed much over time."All the guys were a little older and a little taller," explains Ziegler.

When a boy gave his pin to his date, it meant that they were officially a couple.

"Women now pay for their dates, women now drive their dates, women now chase the guy," says Susan "Honey" Good, founder of Honey, a website for sophisticated women over 50 (speaking of over 50, here are 10 essential strength-training moves you absolutely must do if you're 50 and up). Read on for the old-school rules that don't stand a chance in today's swipe-right culture.

We turned back the clock and talked to dating dynamos who navigated the relationship waters long before Twitter and Tinder.

Flirting was more covert than overt, especially at dances: "The girls would walk around one way and the guys would walk around the other way," explains Ziegler.

"They'd look at you and you'd look at them and then someone would come over finally." Today's seduction dance is more likely to play out on smartphones, not face-to-face.

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