Dating none

Well, I know a lot of people who are very concerned with dating somebody with a “good body.” The assumption they have is that fat bodies are not good bodies, and disabled bodies? Many singles with the privilege of a slim and fully able body assume that fat folks just don’t take care of themselves.

They have no idea how many hours a fat person might actually work on their body every day, because all they judge is appearance.

Also noteworthy are the folks who have preferences for certain people of color to the point of a fetish.And I don’t exactly remember what attributes that list (or any of its successors) included.Something about God’s master plan for me, no doubt. In case you missed it, just thinking about that damn kingfish list got me into plenty of trouble over the years.Just like with anyone else, if you see us on a really shit date and think we need help, come over and save us please. rowing up in an evangelical home at the height of purity culture in the 90s, there were all of these rules about what I was and wasn’t supposed to look for in a future spouse.

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