Dating multiple women cheating Women looking for sex no email needed

For more insights, we asked Web MD readers about their indiscretions.

Here's what some shared: "My ex-wife cheated and left me for her boss," writes one male. To be fair, I didn't pay her enough attention or affection.

If they're joined-at-the-hip constantly, they may be smothering each other's identity. The difference was the number of positive statements they made about each other." The happy couples said many more positive statements than negative ones to each other, says Kaplan.

This is about problems in your marriage, what you're not getting from your marriage." "Having an affair always has a negative affect on a marriage," says Kaslow. But it doesn't always mean they have to end the relationship. "Those couples have a real responsibility to look at their problems, to look at what they're not getting in the marriage.

It's a good time to get a marriage counselor involved," advises Kaplan. "It makes a difference what kind of relationship you have," says Kaslow.

She prefers the gym after a stressful workday -- not the kitchen. "What makes the difference is whether they're in sync or not.

When that's not resolved, it's likely someone will be frustrated," says Kaplan.

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