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Confusing, I know.# What you should do: She's just played the reverse psychology game and you've lost -- do not pass go and do not collect 0.

Next time, watch her actions as she's doing the dishes (or whatever else she's doing) -- if she's banging things around, then you'd better get in there and help.#Number 3The mind reading game This is usually played alongside the reverse psychology game.

The thing is you have no clue why she's so ticked.# What you should do: Don't ask her over and over what the problem is; you'll only make matters worse.

She needs your attention and she wants it now.# What you should do: It might be wise to hit the mute button for five minutes, listen to her, and then get back to the game.

Show her you're listening and don't waste your time trying to guess what she wants.

If you play the guessing game, you'll likely get it wrong.#Number 2The silent treatment game You know you've done something wrong when she doesn't speak to you and gives you the cold shoulder.

#game on There you have it, 10 of the many games women play. I GET LOTS OF STUF FOR MY HEAD THAN WASTE MY TIME TRYING TO MAKE HER HAPPY...

Now that you are aware of what makes a woman tick in this department, you may be lucky enough to lead a sane life with one. SHE SHOULD GO AND LEARN TECHNICS TO KEEP ME HAPPY TOO AND FOR HER SELF ALONE, BECOS IF U NACK TOO MUCH FOR ME I GO SEN YOU GO YOUR PAPA HOUSE ...

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