Dating jamaican woman

I felt my he’ racing while reading all these posts. So you have to always love yourself first and don’t ignore the red flags when they rise. To all the people who have had bad experiences I am so sorry to hear.

I hate that people are okay with deceiving others for gain. I am at a crossroad now because my guy has been telling me to watch for red flags and so far a few have popped up. I met my Jamaican man on a well needed trip we were just friends for a about 3 months and then it began to get serious. found out there’s a lot more others like me who gave it all to this vicious liar.

Yes I can admit that Jamaican men are full of life and charisma.

They do boast about their ability to please sexually.... He doesn’t ask me for anything and we are consistent enough where it would be pretty hard for him to be with a woman but I know that he could be a snake and I the naive woman.

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And by the way, I believe that there are still many good Jamaican men around (most are), I am a living, breathing testimony :-)I wonder if my other peeps would like to add anything? I found an interesting married couple on Youtube, they go by OJ Merge.

There is no way in hell that i would be ok with my man leaving home to go be with another woman.

Here i am 5 years later on my own with 2 year old triplets and an extremely broken heart and spirit.

I haven’t caught him cheating or anything but I can admit that the way we met was a bit shaky.

I do love him but I’m not rushing into any situation.

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