Dating in uruguay

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Anyway, It’s been a week since I heard any Christmas elevator music or was encouraged to buy anything I didn’t need just to keep the wheels on the US economy, and I’m totally fine with that.

You also have to know it is normal if man pays for both when having a dinner and if you ask to divide the check it would be considered very weird and this dinner most likely would be the finish of your dating period with Uruguayan girl.

This is another culture and mentality, don’t be surprised; it is the same weird for her when you ask to split the sum for dinner as weird for you if you pay for all; but don’t expect to have her in your bed just because you pay for the meal; if you buy her for this she is probably cheap slut and you may have health problems after such time spending; descent girl would not do it.

Maybe there are many stereotypes and clichés and every Uruguayan girl is unique and some had to have bad experience but the others are extremely happy from dating with girl from Uruguay?

To find the answers to these and even more questions we will try here today in this article.

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