Dating ex mormon woman

If they want to talk to them, they have to wait until Christmas because Mormon missionaries are only allowed to call home twice a year—on Christmas and Mother’s Day.Those boys in white shirts who knock on your door aren’t allowed to do much else.They start working at AM every day but Sunday and don’t stop until PM. Officially, Mormons are supposed to be almost entirely vegetarian.Everything else is considered to be a distraction—including their parents. The Mormon scriptures clearly state that meat “should not be used, only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine.” Which is not what actually happens.

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So, if you ever get challenged to a game of ball by a missionary—which actually happens a lot—invite them out to a full court and see how they react.

It’s just because, like the Bible’s “no wool-linen blends” rule in Deuteronomy , this one doesn’t get followed very often. Major Mormon leader Brigham Young supported the rule and told his followers only to touch meat during famines.

Nearly every other major Mormon leader has endorsed it, too.

So next time a Mormon friend drops by, pass him a veggie burger.

As proud as the Boy Scouts are of their “always be prepared” motto, they have nothing on the Mormons.

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