Dating delimas for 58 yr old men

I'm saddened that he's moving and I know I will see less of him, and when I think of the amount of times I've relied on him for support in numerous ways, it makes me realise just how much a good mate means to you. Women (I am one) take advantage of financial settlement laws designed to soften the blow for them while men are cast aside, lost and lonely, so they just suck it up and suffer in silence.

Well the key comment is his poor financial position caused by a bad marriage split so he has to move 300 kms away from all that is familiar. There are many reasons why mateship is almost a thing of the past.

and when the divorce went through he came back for a second lots.

His move is entirely due to his poor financial position, caused by a bad marriage split, and his lack of financial nous.

It takes a great deal of effort to establish close friends and even more effort to keep them.

Then there's the problem of close friends that move away, so you see them less often.

The problem is the male outlook based on competitveness.

We compete with other males for women, for jobs, in sports, and in gaining wealth and influence.

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