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When western civilization comes crashing down on these countries too hard I will need to rethink this strategy.I like traditional girls, and Vietnamese women fit the bill. In particular I like the Vietnamese traditional dresses—Ao Dai.That means that a lot of girls are moving from the country side to the bigger cities.These Viet girls are more traditional but the level of English is lower.I spent two months in Bangkok before setting up base in Saigon.I love living in Asia and it’s been a real eye-opener seeing the value that I have here as a Western guy. The people are hardworking and ambitious, and developments are springing up all the time.Most unmarried girls live with their family and if the parents are traditional, she has to be home around . However, behind closed doors they love sex and are very affectionate.It could be an issue if you do find a girl you like since she can rarely sleep over. Some girls can be very jealous since I think many of the local girls sleep around and have mistresses. They are also quite traditional and like to look after their man.

I prefer if the girl doesn’t drink (my last two girlfriends had never tasted any alcohol). I escaped the my 9-5 job in April and have been living in Asia since then.

In fact, I’ve seen much more hating from butt hurt Vietnamese guys than I ever saw from their Thai counterparts.

I’ve seen numerous occasions on Facebook where Vietnamese girls have posted pictures of themselves with Western guys, only to get bitchy comments from local dudes.

I’ve had numerous girls start cleaning my apartment and offering to cook me noodles.

That I can only compare to Thai girls, but I find Vietnamese women to be more conservative.

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