Dating and mentoring

However, it is not limited to those who want a formal mentorship.Speed mentoring sessions allows you to include all individuals, regardless of their long-term availability.Be sure to tell participants ahead of time to look for a long-term mentor.At the end of the speed mentoring session, pass out interest forms for mentees to list their mentor preferences.This allows them to experience more interactions than they could in a traditional mentoring relationship.They can then receive a lot of information from a variety of people with different experiences.

This makes it a great talent development choice for any organization. Interact with Different People The mentee can speak with numerous mentors in a short period of time.Assist with Mentor Matching When a mentoring program is implemented with unsuccessful mentor matching, the program and the organization can lose steep, but speed mentoring can help prevent bad matches.Mentees who are already participating in a formal mentoring relationship can still attend a speed event.It will help them broaden their understanding of the subjects that may not be in their mentors area of expertise.

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