Dating absolutely in ghana

Those who have suffered injury or worse during such attacks have been perceived as not complying fully or quickly enough.Most armed robberies occur at night though some incidents have happened during daytime. Make sure you lock windows and secure accommodation both at night and before you go out.

If you’re kidnapped, the reason for your presence is unlikely to serve as a protection or secure your safe release.If the caller claims to be in distress, you should ask whether they have reported the incident (by phone or e-mail) to the British High Commission in Accra.If you have sent money to someone you believe has scammed you and are contacted by a police officer for more money to help get your money back, then this is possibly another part of the scam.You should be especially vigilant in these areas; keep windows up and vehicle doors locked.If you’re unlucky enough to be caught up in an armed robbery, you should immediately comply with the attackers’ demands.

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