Dating a party girl 2waychatadult

Expectations are falsely set and one cannot conceive that these two women are one in the same.

We are encouraged to seek out a girl possessing all the stereotypic characteristic of perfection and discouraged to not date the party girl, by being feed the idea that they cheat and cannot stay faithful.

Although it may appear I have digressed, I have merely stated the adoration guys have for the party girl, whether we are able to admit it to ourselves or not.

Only you can answer this question, but once you have, if it is the first that is your answer, I can tell you that all is not lost. Find a friend who you like to dance with, who you like to drink with, who you like to talk to at the bar or at the lounge, a friend who makes you laugh just as much as you make him laugh, and most importantly, a friend who you like just as much when the bar lights come on, than when they are dimmed. Kiss that friend, hold him tight like you would never let him go, and if he kisses you back, like I know he will, you will have found that relationship, and with that a guy to help close down that bar with you. Faith that you will show the world that you can shut down a club, and hold down a meaningful relationship at the same time.

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You are bold, confident and energetic; you are beautiful and you are sexy, you are mysterious and to some degree, dangerous.

We are enticed by this danger, finding thrill and excitement within it. Yet in some ways you’re better than our best friend because you have boobs, and we like boobs.

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