Dating a gay millionaire

There is no fee for applicants, who are asked to supply a picture, fill out a questionnaire and describe themselves in 50 words or less.Hankoff says she doesn't want an applicant who's overexposed on the Internet."We like to see somebody who's put some thought into it to write something that's unique to us," she says.Guys who say things like, "Oh my god, my rent is due."Everybody's looking for a match, and who better to do that than a professional matchmaker like me? Where is it written that it's against the law to plan to meet somebody fabulous?Guy Social invites you to SPEED DATING: Gay MIllionaire Matchmaker / APRIL 2019 edition Created for the gay man 35 and under who has the hots for the handsome successful mature man, enjoying nights painting the town red with an older established man.How does Hankoff know if these "millys" are the real thing?

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Darva Conger did on the TV show Who Wants to Marry A Multi-Millionaire, only to find she'd wed a fake millionaire with A questionable background.

Please find me a milly right away," won't make it to the first cut.

GMC is more interested in applicants seriously looking for "Mr. Write Me A Check." GMC receives thousands of applications from men eager to meet the millionaires.

In other words, they're less interested in seeing the guy's package than in experiencing "the whole package." Hankoff recently received a photo from an applicant trying to show off his "assets." "His zipper was down. "We're not always looking for supermodels; our clients are all not necessarily looking for some hot, sweet young boy. About 90 percent of GMC's applicants don't make the first cut.

"We're looking for a needle in a haystack for a specific client," she says.

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