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Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. .claimed his 8 yr old son Scott injured his leg playing soccer, and he sold his car, but still needed 0 to get him necessary medical treatment. This man is relentless and will say anything to convince you!!! I recieve in the mail Americian Express Gift Cheques, for the sum of .500.00 U. A he want me to cash them for him and then send the rest off to his son in NIGERIA, but I didnt do that I took them to my bank and told them they were fake and their investing whether their stolen or fake, I have not heard back from the bank as of yet.The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. he lives in Lagos, Nigeria, pledged his undying love for me, wanted to relocate to US to be with me. Like an idiot who trusted him completely, I wired it to him. He sent me the same pics as below, and in addition, these. And the posting of Kalohanna the email that is [email protected] name is my true given name put A after the N, I carnt believe this baster is know using other women names. S I AM SO GLAD I HAVE POSTED THIS PERSON BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN ON THIS SITE HE HAS CONNED QUIET A FEW WOMEN SINCES MY POSTING.Pictures stolen from Joby from FH onclick=";return false; Also from Tagged seems to be alot of them coming out of the woodwork. But now am presently in Nigeria for an ican seminar which is gonna end in 5/7 month from now. EVERY MALE THAT MAKES CONTACT ME I TREAT THEM AS PROSPECT THAT THEIR A SCAMMER AND GIVE THEM HARD TIME AND PLAY THEIR GAME. he even contacted the modeling company and asked them why they don't put a photoshop mark on each of the photos. I met Kelly Williams on My using [email protected] as email addresses.

I will keep you up to date if I hear any more I just carnt wait to tell him I found him registered on this site. He told me that he was planning on relocating to the States in about 2 months, and that he had all of his papers. He said his son would lose his leg if he couldn't come up with the money.. never mind all you need is provide me your email adress i will certainly send you as much picture as my private email adress for you to write me immediately if found me interested please contact me on my personal e-mail ID ([email protected]) or if you have an instant messanger on yahoo you can add me on this i-d... if you would prefare emailing me,that would be fine..i hope to hear from you pretty soon.get to know each other better.... i hope life is treating you perfectly okay.i was going through millions profile on where i found your profile's quite interesting, i just got accross your profiles on here today and it really caught my interest cos the way you're looking so attractive fascinated me so much and it seems you're a princess.....Angel that was sent down from heaven.......which really touched in my heart and soul that i can't go over without contacting you...I would be very glad if you respond with the hope of corresponding,and also hope we get to know each other more better as I look forward to reading from you soon.Till I hear from you,have a blissful time and stay with God's picture is there in my profile you can look that up..... I NEVER thought I could be fooled by something like this, but I was!!!!!I am really searching for someone who is ready to love me for whom i am and not what i have,someone who is loving,caring,trust worthy and above all God fearing to be with for the rest of my life.

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