Common dating mistakes women make in their 30s california dating online service

But if you’re north of 40 and you can’t be bothered to put on a pair of pants that include a zipper or require a belt, you’re in no condition to venture out into the real world with the rest of us. For further proof, see the 40 Unhealthiest Foods if You’re Over 40.

So you used to be able to eat a deep dish pizza and a liter of soda in one sitting and burn off all those calories without so much as breaking a sweat? Those credit card bills may not be the most glamorous way to spend your money, but the 40 year-old guy makes them a priority.

But there’s no point in apologizing to somebody just because they think you should be, well, different.

You are who you are, and anybody who doesn’t like it can hit the bricks, Jack.

Having guy friends isn’t just an excuse to go out drinking on the weekends.

Numerous studies have indicated that men who seek out and nurture close friendships with other guys tend to be happier and healthier.

When you reach 40, you should have a pretty good blueprint for how life works, and the kind of behavior that should be avoided at all costs.

If you’re still answering work emails on Saturday night rather than spending time with the people you love, your priorities are officially out of whack.And for more tips on how to stay healthy, even as you get older, check out the 40 Ways to Make Your 40s Your Healthiest Decade.Sure, they’re called “joggers” these days, and the kids all love them.And for help getting your social life back on track, here are the 40 Best Ways to Make New Friends After 40.Having a little pot belly may seem like no big deal now, but if you let it go unchecked, it’s going to keep growing, and growing, and growing.

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