College dating blondes validating digital signature

I had set my heart and mind to something and I achieved what I had planned to do; I accomplished something that once felt like a vague, distant dream.As I graduated, I watched it all come together, in harmony— a milestone, a coming of age story as old as time.

The ride was filled with tremendous growth and soul searching, experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world and as I reflect during my gap between graduation and leaving for the Peace Corps, I understand the important of the in between moments, making the most of the growing pains, and loving experiences before they are over.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and reflections like this, and I owe a lot to Florida Gulf Coast University for being the foundation for me to find my confidence and love for myself.

Thank you mom and dad, Mark and Morgan, friends and family for the endless love and support, and rooting for me.

No, that doesn’t mean we’re all super obsessed with fashion and “” shopping — rather, it’s all in our DNA.

Caucasian blondes — at least, the ones that were born blonde and not the ones that have a love affair with bleach — have slightly higher estrogen levels than brunettes, so they are more likely to exhibit more feminine facial features, like a small button nose, pointed chin, silky skin and way less body hair.

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