Chubby dating guys

So before you get into a relationship with a chubby girl, be prepared to think about them.

(Most) Women actually care about things like personality, shared interests, sense of humor, maturity and above all CONFIDENCE.

The women who reject you are especially giving you a gift – they’re letting you know right off the bat that you don’t need to waste your time on them, giving you more time to find someone who gets you and wants what you have to offer. The thing is: this happens to everyone, fat or skinny, tall or short.

Even the hottest men out there get shot down (Isn't that right @ ?? The answer to rejection is to try more, to date more.

One of the common mistakes fat guys make is to either make excuses for their size or attempt to laugh it off by making jokes about cushioning or how much more there is for people to love.

Both of these approaches are mistakes; they betray a sense of insecurity.

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