Chathurika peiris divorce

Apart from the divorce, a legal case of settling matters related to the house, the vehicle and other things has now been filed.

The Sahan -- Purnika marriage has produced a 3 year old son and by now the two of them are living separately and courts have ordered separate dates for Sahan and Purnika to look after the child separately, it was reported.

Last week all the “gossip medias” overflowed with a breaking news about famous tele drama actress Nehara Pieris.

The news said that Nehara’s husband has hit Nehara’s father with an ash tray over an argument of Nehara’s secret affair with an another famous tele drama actor Menaka Rajapaksha.

On Poson poya day, Nehara's father had attempted to reconcile the couple and Nirmal his brother and a friend had gone to Nehara's parents' place in Moratuwa.

On asking about where Nirmal had deposited his daughter's earnings, an enraged Nirmal had hurled an ashtray at his father-in-law, reports say. Peiris, who was injured in the incident, has been rushed to hospital, reports add.

At least I thought that way, but all of my efforts were in vain and I finally decided to go to my parents house”.

They can understand the truth.” When asked about her future plans she said, the shooting of “Amanda” is over and “Ruwan Maliga” shooting is still on. Sources also say that the couple has had many heated arguments and recently, Nehara has left Nirmal's house empty handed.According to Nehara they have had problems form the beginning and for most of them the main reason was Nimal's anger.She was married to Nirmal, who is working in the IT field.After her marriage all her finances had been handled by Nirmal, who would even decide on the Nehara's fees for her performances, sources say.

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