Chatham whores

Most of the ratboys will be looking at a one way ticket to a young offenders institute, while the chavettes will generally become child mothers or crack whores.A short visit to High Street in the town centre is likely to leave the average person in a mood to ‘go postal’ in this cesspit.

By recollection, not by use, I recall The Rose and Crown in Chatham High Street opposite Gray’s was a gay pub in its last days.Let us face facts, however: the Brook and the High Street were filled also with slums and brothels. Chatham in the 1860s to 1880s was a riotous and unlawful place that was policed only sporadically.Soldiers, sailors, whores, drink and crime: a lethal cocktail throughout time.A memories correspondent, whom we shall call Luton Jack, writes: “The two well-known gay pubs were the Ship and the Fountain.From time to time there’s been other more, shall we say, specialist locations.

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