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M.0.1M1.0., MDICI rs 6-1 al F a ro nris 0 0 615 BIG WEEK and Institutional Relief Campaign April 11 to 18 00 QS 9002000290 OS 0 0 0 0 Q 0 QS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 QQS QP Big Week Makes Pos Show mores, "U K BRn-ISH COLUMBIA JAIAI ALBERTA SASKATCHEWAN YINC gl IO H6467011 SAS NORTH DAKOTA MONTANA MINNLIOTA "BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS" COLLEGE HEIGHTS, ALBERTA, APRIL VOLUME XXI / 0 0 0 OM ra rro risis rts- a a a 615-75 o 15- a a- cs 7, 1931 Colriro Ms Co NUMBER 14 ,...041.4WOOMMO. We appreciate this help, indeed, and believe that because of it our Big Week campaign will mean more to our loyal people throughout the Union than ever before. We have had 23 meetings so far of the series, not counting Sabbath and special meetings. But the habitual victim of any kind of drug or disturber of normal functions, acquires a diseased condition, displayed by the loss of vitality or other deviation from normal condition, which is temporarily relieved by the usual dose of the drug, but only in such wise as to generate a renewed craving.M.0.1M1.0., MDICI rs 6-1 al F a ro nris 0 0 615 BIG WEEK and Institutional Relief Campaign April 11 to 18 00 QS 9002000290 OS 0 0 0 0 Q 0 QS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 QQS QP Big Week Makes Possible Our New C. How much we appreciate the gift, will be shown in a very tangible way by the enthusiasm with which every member does his or her part. The total attendance for the 23 meetings is 13,090 making a daily average of 569. I include in this general statement all the vice-drugs to coin a general name such as alcohol, opium, tobacco whether smoked, chewed, or snuffed, arsenic, hashish, betel-nut, coca-leaf, thorn-apple, Siberian fungus, mate, etc., all of which are excessively "refreshing" to their victims, and of which the use may be, and has been, defended by the same arguments as those used by the advocates of habitual teadrinking.The opportunities of 1931 are much greater than they were a year ago. We are confident that quite a large number will take hold of the truth as a result of the effort. Neufeld 20.00 Fenwood 15.00 Cymric 10.00 Ebeneezer Company District No. I love my Ukrainian brethren and enjoyed my visit very much especially as they promised to be faithful to God in all things. I wish to assure our dear people in Saskatchewan that it would have brought cheer and courage to your hearts as it did to mine if you had the opportunity of attending one of Elder Ruskjer's meetings, and to see hundreds and hundreds of people coming. ONTARIO CONFERENCE Office Address 306 Sherbrooke St. He undertook the translation of the "Life of Julius Caesar, " by Napoleon 11I.. He fulfilled his contract by sitting up several nights successively by the aid of strong tea or coffee I forget which. In a few weeks he had aged alarmingly, and become quite bald, his brain gave way, and never recovered.The T April 7, 1931 WESTERN CANADIAN TIDINGS 2 We Cannot Fail UNION CONFERENCE Office Address College Heights, Alberta, Canada President, S. We regret that the effort could not have begun in the middle of January and thus close by the middle of March. Reile 20.00 Carmichael 60.00 Leader 40.00 Fox Valley 10.00 Kelstern 10.00 Estuary District No. And as I had the opportunity of looking from the platform over the audience, who listened so attentively while Elder Ruskjer by grace of God preached the message for this time in such a clear and forceful way, I could not help but think, and a feeling of gratitude and prayer took possession of me, surely there must be many sincere and honest in heart souls in this great audience looking and seeking for light. There was but little difference between his age and mine; and but for this dreadful cerebral strain, rendered possible only by the alkaloid for otherwise he would have fallen asleep over his work, and COOD thereby saved his life, he might still be amusing and instructing thousands of readers by fresh volumes of popularized archaeological research. d That in case of inability to devote time and effort to the sale of literature during the Big Week, lay members, institutional workers, and conference laborers make an offering to the Extension Fund equivalent to at least one day's income. Reiner Religious Liberty Make wills and legacies to The Manitoba Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Perseverance " IF a task is once begun, never leave it till its done." This is a portion of a little rhyme I memorized when about five years of age, and the older I get the more truth and wisdom I see in it. The small cf leghorns that we began with a year ago has materially reduced the school's egg bill. "It is so refreshing ; " "I am fit for nothing when tea-time comes round until I have had my tea, and then I am fit for anything." The " fit for nothing" state comes on at five P.

e That sanitariums and schools arrange for one or more field days during the Big Week. No sadder spectacle to contemplate than the countless worthy endeavors and ambitions, strewing 1 i f e' s highway, abandoned for lack of perseverance. ALL ABOARD FOR REGINA THIS is a picture of the three young bulls which we sold to the Saskatchewan Government. M., when the drug is taken at the orthodox time, or even in the early morning, in the case of those who are accustomed to have a cup of tea brought to their bedside before rising. SMITH 10,000 from the Big Week returns have been appropriated by the General Conference to Ca Ladian Junior College for our re-building fund. This surely is a distinct sound in the What can be done in and; tree tops, isn't it around Lacombe, Alberta can be done in every section of Alberta and in every section of Western Canada. During the last week we have experienced the most severe cold of the season which naturally influenced the size of our crowd a little. These, when diluted, act medicinally, that is, produce disturbance of normal functions as the tea does, and, like theine, most of them act specially on the nervous system; when concentrated, they are dreadful poisons, very small doses producing death.Nor is 10,000 all we are to receive from this special effort. The offering for the fifth week amounted to 76.00 an average of 15.20 for each night. Speaking generally, the reaction or residual effect of these on the system is nearly the opposite of that of their immediate effect, and thus larger and larger doses are demanded to bring the system to its normal condition. Certainly the least we can do, therefore, is to put forth a special effort to make this campaign produce far greater results than it has ever produced in the past. In one of his most recent articles, this able writer considers the use of tea and coffee. In other words, we will be receiving in the form of appropriation a larger sum of money from the Big Week compaign than we can possibly hope to raise in this campaign. MATTIETJ WILLIAMS has been contributing a valuable series of articles on cookery to Knowledge, a prominent Eng Hill magazine, which have been reprinted n this country in the Popular Science Monthly.

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