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Lisa’s father stood in awe of the care and caring that his daughter and his entire family received from the staff.“It was if they all looked at caring for Lisa as their mission in life, and our family will be forever grateful,” he said.

He cheered to learn that in May the Sonoma County-based DAISY Foundation, which acknowledges service beyond the call by nurses across the U. and in 22 other nations, honored Lisa’s nurses for all they did for his daughter and their family.––––––LISA DIED at p.m. Time had to pass before her dad could talk about losing her and about the overwhelming kindness, generosity and caring shown to her and all who loved her. Though the planned September wedding won’t happen at Sweet Lane Gardens, the proprietors are preparing to welcome in a few more days Lisa’s and Matt’s families and friends to a complimentary celebration of a life that was just splendid but far too short.

Then it became painful enough to warrant a trip to the doctor.––––––THE SHOCK CAME on her birthday, Dec.

13: She was suffering from an extremely rare and menacing cancer, peritoneal mesothelioma.

Her father recalls “test after test, chemo treatments and a regimen of drugs that required a small travel case to tote the 30 bottles or more” of medications. She told Sweet of her illness and that she couldn’t be certain that she and Matt could marry on Sept. Remembers Sweet, “She said, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be married on that date because I have to take care of this first.’”Sweet told Lisa, “No. That is your date.”The owner of the wedding venue then declared to the ailing bride-to-be that once she beat the cancer she and Matt would come there to Petaluma Hill Road and have “the best goddamn wedding, for free! Given to me by the world’s most perfect guy,” she posted to Facebook on March 1.“A true fairytale love,” she continued.GOFUNDME Paula Zamora's family has set up a Go Fund Me. The YWCA also offers domestic violence therapy and operates a safe house for victims and a therapeutic preschool program.“We answer thousands of calls every year for people seeking our services,” said Madeleine Keegan O’Connell, CEO of YWCA Sonoma County.Lisa had a gown, a beauty made for her by Amparo Chavez of Santa Rosa’s Mariposa Seamstress shop.But it no longer fit because of the weight she’d lost to her medical ordeal.

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