Bsd updating usrsrc

If you do not run this command, you will likely have streams of funny-looking error messages from a wide variety of your ports.This will probably take longer than any other part of the install (up to several days for slower systems with GUI's installed, an hour or two for a server without any massive ports installed).compiled custom Free BSD kernel for my Free BSD jail to use vnet. How can I update source tree at /usr/src on Free BSD using svn command to patch and compile kernel again?Introduction: Subversion is a software versioning and revision control system distributed as open source under the Apache License.See this document for our documentation on how to track Net BSD-current.If you are running a stable Net BSD release (such as Net BSD 6.1), in a production environment, you should occasionally update your sources and rebuild the system or the kernel, in order to incorporate any security fixes that have been applied to the branch since its release.

Then examining the changes in more detail after the system is up and running. Your ports have linked against system libraries that have been changed, sometimes drastically.

There are potential problems updating a system from 5.1-5.3 to 6.0 directly.

Although they do not affect everyone, it is highly recomended to upgrade at least to RELENG_5_4 or RELENG_5 (Read Free BSD_Release_Branches for definitions of these tags) before upgrading to 6.0 .

Most of the following steps can be done as ordinary user.

Only the installation of a new kernel and the userland will require root privileges. You can retrieve or update the sources for your release using anoncvs over ssh by specifying the correct branch tag.

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