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Some of these celebrity children are shockers, in regards to who their parents are, as well as their grandparents (can you say dynasty? We bet you’re probably wondering how much these kids are worth now, especially combined with the wealth of their famous, rich parents!We have compiled a list of A-list children who are not only good looking but are showing their own budding talents and ambition for the limelight.Hailie is the beloved daughter of rapper Eminem (also known as Marshall Mathers). Most of us know her name from her dad’s songs, specifically, Hailie’s Song.She grew up outside of the limelight, as per her dad’s request.Jane Carrey is the lucky daughter of the hilarious and adorable, Jim Carrey.29-year-old Jane was raised outside of the spotlight as her parents wanted her to have a normal childhood (and they also divorced back in 1995 so it made it easier to remain quiet).

With a last name like Sutherland, you are bound to land any gig you would want in Hollywood.

Before they turn the age of 18, it’s important for these celebrity children to learn how to manage their own time and patience, as well as the paparazzi.

They’re eventually going to become stars in their own right and while some of them have managed to do so already, they’ve done it without the help of their family names.

She is very adamant on being her own person, separate from her famous parents.

All of this makes us adore this young one even more!

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