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Draya is an actress and it appears that she might be just a girl that is in the way and helps for him to forget the former Bow Wow girlfriend.

She is an actress of one reality show and Bow is a rapper and is really popular among people and he has plenty of fans.

So the story of the rapper and the new Bow Wow girlfriend begins like most of the stories among young people that are falling for each other it appears that they are partying a lot since he remained single once and for all and they have plenty of pictures posted on the internet together, so it is natural that people talk about them as a couple and that they are linked to one another.

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w=153&h=108 153w, w=378&h=267 378w" sizes="(max-width: 594px) 100vw, 594px" Bow Wow has clearly traded in rapping and acting for reality TV and full-time trolling.Rapper Bow Wow recently had a very messy public breakup with his ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie, which landed them both behind bars.Both were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery charges, stemming from a physical fight during Super Bowl weekend. According to multiple sources, the rapper/actor is now seeing Corri.After which he begins to use the name Bow Wow in his albums. However, his mother is a hair stylist and stepfather is a practicing lawyer in Houston, Texas. Bow Wow has earned a lot at this age that we could just imagine and he is just get started.He developed a strong liking to musical tunes particularly the rap genre of music from a tender age of three years. He also has two luxury cars that increase his net worth.

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