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Considering checking your sources, no matter the reason, is always an important skill to mold, why don’t you apply that same logic to your emotions?

Often times, we get set on a repetitive cycle where we give attention to the same fear or worry over and over again. Chances are, it’s not.“Taking the time to challenge the reality behind the assumptions someone who often catastrophizes makes, can be very eye-opening for them," Martinez says.

And worst-case scenario, I would end up right back where I started. Within a few weeks, I’d put in my notice and was on my way to full-time self-employment. ) My client Jessica has been itching to move away from her hometown in Pennsylvania, and she just got a job offer in Austin. Every time she considers accepting the offer and moving to Texas, all of these fears bubble up in her mind: So I asked her: With a few notable exceptions, most life decisions are reversible, at least to some extent.

So chances are, if you try something you’ve always wanted to do — or even just been curious about — and it blows up in your face, you can very likely go back to some version of your current situation. — as in, literally everything goes wrong and it’s a total flop (which is highly unlikely, BTW) — is that you end up right back where you are now … Yes, you might lose some time or money along the way, but you would also gain something infinitely more valuable: no regrets.

So it’s no wonder I desperately wanted to quit the full-time gig and give all my energy to Clarity on Fire. (And trust me, that’s definitely not a humble brag. I recently looked back at my Google calendar from those early days, and I’m astounded by how jam-packed it is. But there’s no better way to describe what life was like back then.) We were working at full-time office jobs, going through an intensive coach-training program, getting our business off the ground simultaneously.I’m as scared of change as anyone (even when I desperately want it).So here are a few things to remind yourself of before doing something that feels risky.

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