Blackberry read messages not updating

This workflow also allows developers to create application logic to read messages when it makes sense, such at predefined times, or when a notification is received.Since all messages are queued and stored on the Black Berry Io T Platform, a watermark identifier is used to identify where in the queue, the last message was acknowledged by a target device.Then, the target device process the first three messages and send one acknowledgment for the third message using its watermark identifier to acknowledge messages 1, 2, and 3.This acknowledgment moves the watermark to message 3.When the target device makes a request to get messages, it can optionally specify to retrieve up to 25 messages at a time.If no number is specified, the default is to read up to 25 messages.However, if a network error (or some other fault) occurs while sending the acknowledgment for message 4, that acknowledgment for message 4 wasn't received.As a result, when the target device reads four messages again, it starts reading after the last watermark identifier, which is still at message 3, so messages 4, 5, 6, 7 are read.

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Note: If you are interested in getting information to build historical charts or reports, consider using firehoses instead of using notifications.

Messages can be acknowledged one at a time using the watermark identifier.

It's also possible to acknowledge a later message that was received to acknowledge all messages up to and including the acknowledged message.

Messages should be read by the application in a sequential fashion.

As part of processing the messages, an acknowledgment must be sent back to the Black Berry Io T Platform to indicate that the message was read.

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