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Candace has a history with big names, having dated Terrell Owens from 06-08, Vernon Davis from 08-09 and of course, vied for Flavor Flav’s love. Do you think these two make a cute couple, or are you Team Dhea?

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Since neither Lil Wayne nor Cabrera have confirmed the relationship as of this writing, that means we’ll have to rely on gossip websites for info regarding their romance.

The rapper known as Trina or Katrina Laverne Taylor was one of the ones that caught Lil Wayne’s attention and actually kept it for a while.

She is famous for her popularity in the rap world in the 90s and early 2000s and was even referred to as "the most consistent female rapper of all time" by XXL Magazine.

She worked with Lil Wayne and dated him on and off from around 2005 to 2007.

They were engaged to be married and had each other's names tattooed on them.

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