Bensonhurst dating show

Stacy Tererri: Ok, number 2, I’m a romantic at heart.

‘Cause I wouldn’t be afraid to eat it right off of you!

While the two white guys can make sleazy comments to the bachelorette, Rock is chastised for doing the same.

“Next time, you better be a little smarter,” Pesci’s host warns.

Andy Perotta: Stacy, you’re gonna kill your mother and father here.

Joey Tarentina: Stacy, what are you tryin’ to prove?

She’s a travel agent by day, and a terrific dancer by night. 92c: Joe Pesci / Spin Doctors The Bensonhurst Dating Game Andy Perotta….. Julia Sweeney Announcer: From Bensonhurst, Brooklyn — it’s the Bensonhurst Dating Game. I’m sayin’, next time you better be a little smarter. What would you do to show me the perfect romantic evening?

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