Back woods men dating

" I wanted conversation, no dessert and I would, of course, take the check.

I signed, using my Visa Card, and gave him a tip and said, "I'm going exploring with my 4-by in the morning and I was wondering if you were a native of this area and familiar with the terrain?

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After getting all set up and the sewer and water hoses connected, I went in to town and had a good stiff double martini and ordered a filet mignon and baked potato and then went whole hog and ordered a Caesar salad.

The steak was terrific, but the place was empty and the waiter, obviously bored, was leaning against the bar and when I finished I waved him over wanting to talk. Do you want the check or would you like some dessert?

Now, when I go somewhere I take the only form of transport that satisfies as far as I'm concerned and that is the four-wheeled vehicle called the automobile. I had traveled from New York to where I was presently parked.

Planes fly over things and all you see are colored patterns, ships can't go into valleys and hidden places, trains roar past most of the good spots without stopping and all you see is a blur of wooden poles holding up wires and the back fences of the poorest neighborhoods in America, but the car can be maneuvered into most any place. I had purchased a small motor home type vehicle and I was towing a small Japanese truck behind it.

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