Aspxgridview updating

The response to Server mode was so good that we've extended the ways that you can enable it. Linq Server Mode Data Source supports the ASPx Grid View and the Linq Server Mode Source supports the Xtra Grid.

To use these datasources against either the ASPx Grid View or Xtra Grid, try the steps demonstrated in the short screencasts below.

Net stock (std) controls that come with VS2008 or should we use yours only for DX products? It allows you to use an ASPx Grid View (or Xtra Grid) in server mode with any LINQ data source. My own custom classes that are mapped to the Linq to Sql Entity Classes 4. My hope is the video's and/or forums will show me a way to call the insert or update methods that I wrote instead of insert/update calls from the Linq Server Mode Data Source. I'm asking because we use NHibernate but NHibernate Linq is rather young product and may not support everithing needed or the support may be poor in some parts.

These new datasources can only be used with controls that support the IList Server (server mode) interface. Can some one sent me the code on Vb for the grid linq as posted in the Xtra Grid Screencast I can not figure out what goes with Namespace Form1 Public Partial Class Form1: Form Public Form1() Initialize Componet() End Class Hello Mehul, in Version 2008.2 it is possible to update data with the Webgrid and the Linq Server Mode Data Source - But what's about Winforms? Linq Server Mode Data Source I was wondering if there was a way that when I perform an Insert, Update or a Delete that I could execute my own code? When the user tries to Update an item from the Grid, I want to call my Product Manager. The Product Manager Save method takes a Product BO as a parameter. Executes Custom Business Validation on the Product BO. Maps the Product BO to the Linq to Sql Product Entity.

You will set the following properties: These properties receive the name of the method that handles the corresponding operation.

Within that method, you provide the logic for interacting with the data.

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In a previous post, I showed you how to use the powerful Server mode feature in ASPx Grid View and Xtra Grid against large datasets. The latest release, 2008 Volume 1, introduces two new datasources to support LINQ.Mehul, Sorry for the naive questions, but still: What is the difference between Linq Server Mode Data Source Linq Server Mode Source? Mehul; This would be my first to use Linq Server Mode Data Source, and here is my question. b) If yes, can you point out what are the differences? Also, check out these videos which cover some of those questions:, I would like to say thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Hi Sabas, Yes, I love the Server Mode feature as well! I'm able to bind the xtra Grid to Linq Server Mode Source but I couldn't find the Server Mode property (on Dev Express v2011) and even though I've specified the Wait Animation Options = Panel, nothing is being displayed. Are there any performance gains of using new data sources as opposed to XPServer Collection Source (esp, in the number of roundtrips)? Best regards, Rinat Abdullin NB for the Web Admins: You can easily bind the RSS feed directly to devexpress domain (just requires minor DNS tweak). Hello Rinat, "Linq Server Mode Data Source supports the ASPx Grid View and the Linq Server Mode Source supports the Xtra Grid" As for performance, the server mode is still blazingly fast with the new datasources. c) Can we use your Data Source with some of the ASP. Ben Hello Ben, Linq Server Mode Data Source doesn't replace the standard class. I will check out the videos you mentioned as well as the forums. Though how do you think, will it work fine with NHibernate Linq? :) As for NHibernate, it seems that there maybe an issue on the NHibernate side, take a look at this: as LINQ 2 NHibernate matures, these issues will be resolved. The following highlighted code shows the additions to the Grid View code.The Try Update Model method applies the matching data-bound values from the web form to the data item.

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