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So far so good, this all works, the grid is displayed, the Drop Down List appears, filled with the correct data, shows the correct initial item and lets the user select another. The when trying to get the value from the Drop Down List in the Row Updating event, I cant find it. I create a Recursive Find Control method that ran through every control on the page, and it cant find it.

Ive tried peeking in the cell controls in the debugger and its just not there. Ive duplicated it in a simpler test page, with a test database.

Regards Helen u can use row data bound event of the gridview..there u can access that column by cells(4)or u can go for dataset..there also u can access by:ds.tables(0)coumns(4).value Hi, Thank you for your reply. Update Command Type = Sql Data Source Command Type. Update Command = "UPDATE tbl Clients Custom Fields SET " & Custom Field1. Grid View Just when I can run circles around a datagrid, here comes gridview.... It is a template column with a single value - an int. Protected Sub gv Configuration_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. When the buttonfield is clicked, the procedure below is called. (cartid=session.sessionid and productid=int) anyway, I would like to put row delete command and quantity update futures to it.

I couldn't use the following code: Gridview1.selectedrow.cells(5)Instead of this Is there any way to get the value? Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. The gridview has the first column as a buttonfield and bound fields to the right of it. this gridview uses storedprocedure that uses two parameter.

I am just wondering how to access the cell value for the row updating (event = Gridview.

Keys is an array of all the data keys you define for the gridview (Data Key Names="id", where "id" is the field name from your database query)e. Old Values are arrays of all the fields in the gridview data source that are NOT leys, where, as you might guess, e.

You access the values stored in the event by index or name:e. So, to update, you might set the parameters as id = e.

PS: location name is not an integer You don't access the table cells by name. So, basically, instead of looking for table cells, look for the appropriate e. New Values Hi mckrecker,thanks for your reply but I dont need to differ between old and new valuessince I set a datakey which is the unique ID in my db and I updatewhere unique ID = @unique IDselected of course, if I have 20 columns I could define 20 data keys but I justwondered if there is another way instead of: Sql Data Source Locations.

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when i try this i just get a null value string Test Case = gdv Test Case List. How to get the Gridview Selected row cell value in Javascript? In the Grid View Template I using Button in Column[6]. Once I get those values, I want to populate other edit controls on my web form with the values selected from the row.

Parameter name: index That tells me they're not even in the array.

In the code below, the streets are all coming from the same cell, but they are being skipped (which I can tell when I print out the values in the lbl Temp at the end).

During the gridview's Row Updating event I am using e. Item(n) to loop through all the values returned from the gridview.

The problem is, I'm only receiving the values that are coming from the single-element cells, and I can't find the values from the textboxes in the multiple-element cells. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Here are all the textboxes in the row that I need returned: Dim str Name As String = e.

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