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Good article and a great insight into the plight of Asian men in the western world.

Shows how much extra work needs to be put it in for the men to pursue WHAT THEY WANT, not what is given to them, i.e. JT made bank, drove an expensive car, owned his own home and was not fat (4/5), yet he still couldn't land his ideal woman.

American culture promotes the brash, aggressive, loud attitudes. Maybe you should start a photo collage about being "Happier in America", lol. They were with a hickish truck driver type and got off on being filmed.

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He had to learn game on top of all those other achievements, making that (5/5) traits. ) that other races don't need this perfect score to be on the same playing field (in the west).

Lesson here, for my unenlightened Asian brothers, is to take out those boxing gloves. A dirty little secret in the pickup world is that white professional pickup artists can inflate their success numbers if they just target Asian women, said JT, who described it as a "cheat code." Many white pickup artists have yellow fever, which is a whole different can of worms.

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