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Had to go through hell and pay a lot of money the scams not to publish my pictures on social media!The website itself they don't care about their clients at all as long as they get their money! It's all a big fraud but realized that to late !EVERY decent looking girl ended up asking for money, OR wanting me to pay for some scam "safe dating verification " website. Are you sure this is a safe way, worth of all the efforts?Women looking like fat zombies when they have no make up on, hiding behind hundreds of Photoshop layers or someone else's pictures?This is very disappointing because I am certain there are many profiles that are genuine but you just can't be sure. If you ain't lucky also check out fwb sites like Casualsexonly.I think the best way to know is to, from the very first, ask the other party to chat with you on a free chat app of their choice. Works pretty well if you are straight and honest in your profile. New member only a few days and I have not been happy so far.My recommendation is to try it out I'm 57 years old and weight 210 so if they are willing to meet up with me I'm sure they will meet up with anyone. Madison Page I hav had sum luck on AM but also had long dry spells. Id recommend No Strings as the current best 1 but there r others 2, loads.

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Also, I find it strange that the "winks" I had sent out were all received by the "ladies" within 2 or 3 minutes of each other. In closing, you will find there is no way to verify the positive reviews they have. It falls short of that site, which simply has more women.I never saw her after that cause I felt like she just wanted my money. I should have talked to my wife and opened up communications channels better than I did and had that exciting time with her. And yes, doing this was certainly not thinking of my wife's desires and plans for life.I knew a young gal who liked the outdoors and tried to get her to go backpacking with me. I never thought that paying for someone to meet me like this is probably prostitution and since I don't know the person at all, I suppose it would also be possible that someone else could be controlling her and taking any money from her from an encounter like this. Eventually my wife knew something was up and I was found out about my long term affair and the other gals. So I am working on opening up with her more than I did in the past, hoping every day that she will accept me back. Turns out having that sexual affair caused genital warts. From the time I was a young kid, I did my own thing. I got sidetracked and am glad my wife is as smart as she was to know how to look and find out what I was trying to hide from her.Never heard of this company before until I started to get email spam from them or their affiiates. To communicate between two members, BOTH members have to spend 50 plus dollars in order to read what is sent and received.I've contacted the company direct and politely asked them to stop their email abuse. Listen to the 1 star reviews and stay away from his money pit of a site.

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