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Their channel is named YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon and it has over 7.2 million subscribers.

In their channel, they feature a variety of content like mini-games, Minecraft adventure maps, Garry's Mod game, and various collaborations.

He eventually left on good terms, and may appear in the future.

The British born You Tuber Lewis Brindley has a You Tube channel named YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon along with his friend Simone Lane.

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Brindley attended King Ed VI Grammer School in Chelmsford.

Primary admin of the current server, has several series of his own, including Minecraft: The Hard Way and Dave & Su play Minecraft, with his IRL wife, Su. Followed through to the Yogscast Complete server from the Chaosville Server wherein his series theme was the recreation of classic Horror Movie settings.

His primary series on the Yogscast Complete Server takes this theme up a rather disturbing notch by focussing on the recreation of a horror A former member of the Yogscast who was present from late 2012 until December 2015. Dead Workers Party is the former title of duo Brent Copeland and Eric Fullerton, who during their brief membership rebranded to YOGSCAST Brent & Eric.

The band were registered under the Yogscast Studios label, but have since left.

A trio of gamers and freelance trailer makers (Ross Djh3max, Alex Smith/Alsmiffy and Chris Trott/Trottimus). Sparkles* and Parv are both part of the Yogscast (although Sparkles* is a freelance worker), and their entries can be found on that character sheet along with Kogie's and Leo's.

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