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To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.She may have wealth, beauty and fame, but like all of us, Andrea Corr knows the pain and despair of loss.“Their belief in me and everything I did and the songs I wrote — I want to be worthy of that belief. I have known him years but I didn’t really know him actually.They are two people that I massively respect and, obviously, great friends to support and encourage me in that way. I cannot put in an answer that’s going in a newspaper what he is like. He hung out with Jim.” Give me some adjectives, please, Ms Corr.

Indeed on Anybody There she sings: “Could there be anybody there to love me, to hold me?

In the living-room, a Ronnie Wood painting of Bessie Smith and Ella Fitzgerald hangs on the wall. It is at this very piano that Andrea wrote all the songs on Ten Feet High, her debut solo album. The alcohol creating a haze around us, I vaguely recall swinging her around the dance floor and kicking her in the arse to the music.

One song is perhaps the touchstone of the record, executive-produced by her close friends and confidantes, Bono and Gavin Friday. It was reciprocated — as Gugs and Bono refused to go gently into that good night beside us.

“My life, just when it’s going well, I smash it all to pieces,” she melancholises like a Gaelic Bessie Smith on The Stupidest Girl In The World, a song she wrote three years ago. “As soon as things are smooth, you do something to mess it up yourself.” Is that a fear of a relationship not working so you destroy it? It was a grand performance by one of our national treasures.

“It is what everybody does,” the vibrant young chanteuse ventures an explanation. “I don’t know because I don’t analyse it too much,” she says, playing with her famous raven hair, “but I think everybody has ended up in situations where they’ve thought, ‘Jesus, how am I possibly back here again? Andrea Jane Corr was seven years of age when she gave her first public performance: in a school production of The Princess . In rehearsal, Andrea's teacher, Elizabeth O'Donoghue, took her aside because the little girl who would one day be one of the biggest stars in global pop was scared.

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