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But Fran is worried because over the past years she exaggerated the facts about her life and now is concerned that Lenny won't like her for who she really is. Sheffield pushes her to attend the date (more because he wants to see Lenny than because he wants Fran to meet him) and waits for him with her at the Russian Tea Room. Bored, the two have a few drinks and have their first romantic kiss after calling each other names. When they go shopping for a ring, Julius disappears with a very expensive ring.

A photo of her faux pas appears in a "Fashion Don'ts" list of popular magazine, much to her chagrin.

Sheffield and make him feel guilty for the insincere proposal.

Sylvia hires Brighton to film the bris of a cousin of Fran's.

Drescher stars as the titular character, Charles Shaughnessy as British-born producer Maxwell Sheffield, and the children – Maggie, Brighton and Grace – portrayed by Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, and Madeline Zima.

The series also features Daniel Davis as Niles, the family butler, and Lauren Lane as C. Babcock, Maxwell's associate in his production company who is smitten with him.

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