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The “too long, didn’t read” version: I started fucking on the first date in my teens because I dared to fuck the way men do. Sex on the first date is a completely acceptable practice here in Sweden and it’s a practice I agree with because I am not going to spend five dates with a guy only to discover he’s terrible in bed.I won’t try to theorize on why sex is not such a big deal here, but I imagine it might be related to the fact that “Christian values” don’t make up the underlying foundation of Swedish morality.In the US, I never had a problem paying for myself on a date or picking up dinner if my date paid for lunch and so forth, so the Swedish concept of equal contribution isn’t strange to me.

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It reduces the feeling of entitlement and it makes me feel like my choices are being respected and like I am being seen as an actual person. My mother actually did make an effort to have “the sex talk” with me — when I was 25 and already married. ), and when I wasn’t in their care, I was under the guidance of an old school, Roman Catholic/Protestant Dutch family (I am not totally clear under which denomination they fell, only to remember that the words “God,” “bible,” and “the Devil” were mentioned quite frequently in conversations with my babysitter’s mother, whom we called “Oma”) — all of whom were living under this umbrella of patriarchy and feminine purity, so I was raised to believe that virginity was a thing to be upheld for one man and one man only and that I should be courted for some lengthy duration before giving this person access to the privatest of my parts. I grew up in a predominately Latinx-Catholic part of town, raised by fairly conservative Asian parents (my father, especially.If you are used to super-fast dating, you’ll find things are quite a lot slower when you decide to date a guy from Sweden.Here, when a single guy wants to meet a nice lady, he’ll probably trawl through an internet dating site or go to a bar with friends.

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